Decrease pain….Increase flexibility….Boost strength, power and speed….Sharpen balance and coordination.

“We believe in challenging the limitation of our body. The only thing limiting our performance is our mind. By re-opening and strengthening the connection we have between mind and body we reset our limits and challenge ourselves in ways never thought possible.”

Performance Solutions, breathing, athletic developement, functional movement

You First Performance Solutions is a system of training designed to create structural integrity in the body so it can function at a greater level.  The solution is teaching the body how to engage the prime movers and eliminate any dysfunctional compensations the body has created.  When our body works at a higher level of performance it decreases the likelihood of an injury and creates an easier pathway to achieving the goals we are passionate about pursuing.


Our Focus:

  • Breathing enhancement to improve strength and decrease stress

  • Injury management

  • Individual muscle testing and activation

  • Functional movement screening and coaching

  • Athletic development

Performance Solutions, athletic developement, soccer

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