Why are Men Living Longer ?

A recent Australian report found that in 1911, there were approximately 2.3 million males living in Australia (51.9% of the total population). The median age of males was 24.6 years, 11 years younger than now (2017), and 86% were aged less than 50 Compared to today’s statistic of 70% males under 50. The findings also show that males living beyond 65 years has tripled from 1 in 4 in 1911 to now being 1 in 12. So, as a population base, men are seemingly living longer than any time in history.

In contrast to increased life expectancy was the findings of increased Mortality/Death rates of men under the age of 65 caused by Chronic Diseases (Such as Heart & Lung Disease). This has shifted from Infectious Diseases (Such as Measles &Influenza), The Study contributed these changed rates in the Australian male populations health status over the century to technological, historical, social and economic factors, which include, a move from an agricultural to industrial economy, from active to Sedentary vocations, from the consumption of Non-processed foods to processed food choices. Combine these social changes with a reported reduction in physically activity levels amoung Australian men & we have a statistic of 42% of Australian males being considered overweight & at risk of exposure to preventable Lifestyle diseases.


What is the solution for Australian men ? There are a myriad of answers, however, According to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, “Sport and other forms of physical activity can improve male psychological wellbeing and may foster social networks which provide support and opportunities for developing healthier behaviours choices”. Regular sufficient physical activity is also associated with a healthy body weight and a reduced risk of many chronic conditions and injuries.


In light of the 42% Obesity  statistics , the health status of Australian Males is more than ever in our history, influenced by risk factors that are preventable in nature.The solution to a healthier Australian male population may vary from 1 individual to another,  However, one thing that remains constant, Prioritising exercise at least 3 times per week is imperative in reducing the exposure  to risk factors of chronic conditions. Sport related goals maybe the critical component that provide & maintaining a healthy lifestyle, its just a matter of prioritising this into our schedules