Strip Fat, Retain Muscle, HOW?

Body fat

Trim and lean – lose fat not muscle.

If your intake of calories is less than your consumption, your body has to rely on its own resources. As a result, you lose fat and muscle. This is why people often look worse after a crash diet than before. However, if you train at the same time, you retain muscle and at the same time accelerate the process of fat burning.

Exchange fat for muscle

Strength training is essential if you are to avoid muscle loss when you reduce your calorie intake – not because strength training consumes that many calories as training only slightly increases consumption. No the reason is that it forces the body to change its priorities in terms of where the loss occurs, i.e. you lose fat rather than muscle. Strength training acts as a strong stimulus to the anabolic metabolism. Anabolic metabolism is the term used to describe the processes by which the body encourages tissue regeneration. These processes are controlled by hormones and new tissue is formed at the expense of fat deposits, particularly if calorie intake is reduced. You do not need a special training programme for weight loss. Similarly, the theory that you can lose fat by doing high number of strength-training repetitions using a lower weight is sheer nonsense. Similarly, there is no “ideal weight“. There is only a body composition that is good or not so good. What matters is not your actual bodyweight but its composition, i.e. we should be asking whether it is muscle or fat.

Fat is a reserve. You can only get rid of it if you consume it

Fat only leaves the body if it is burned. The prime motor for this process is our muscle system. If your muscle mass is low, then you burn less fat. If you want to lose weight for either health or aesthetic reasons, you cannot do this by isolated measures such as crash diets. If you lose weight just by dieting, your body will obtain its energy from the muscle in protein and you will lose muscle. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn and the easier it is to lose weight. At You First Personal Training, our methods of training retain muscle mass even if your calorie intake is reduced.

Successful weight loss is made up of three essential ingredients:

  1. Dietary control

  2. Specialised Training Methods that prepare & stimulate energy consumption through working all energy systems

  3. Combined Aerobic & Strength Training components

These three factors will help control your energy balance and at the same time ensure that you stay healthy and retain physical function. In addition, strength training has a cosmetic effect: trained muscles tone the figure because the water content of trained muscles is higher. Natural tension is restored to skin and subcutaneous tissue and your appearance is improved.

Just one session at YOU FIRST PERSONAL TRAINING per week increases metabolic rate making it more difficult for your body to deposit fat