Mitch Cush Talks Talents

Sports training suggests skill or performance, speed or agility, strength and endurance having competed at a national level in a number of sporting disciplines, performed in team and individual sports for a number of years Mitch Cush’s training methods have been well exposed, refined & well practiced.

Experience is something that you cannot buy = $, it can only be obtained either by material reading (theory) or practical execution (practical)- having a balance is the key to providing accurate information. Gaining recognition as a ’Rising Star’, ‘Talent Identification’, ‘Best & Fairest’, ‘Player of the Year’, ‘Sports person of the Year’, combined with a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education is the balance, which enables me to provide clients with qualified accurate information.

I believe performing the fundamentals of breathing, focus & technique whilst executing compound exercises prepares your body to remain calm whilst recruiting a number of muscles groups simultaneously, this technique enables you to maximise results in all areas of your fitness, health & wellbeing.

Simply changing people’s outlook, feel & thinking of how they go about their daily activities is my reward. To effect ones attitude and outlook effects many and for me to have the opportunity to pass on some of my knowledge and experience gives me satisfaction in what I am doing. You, Your Trainer, Your Goals. Mitch Cush 0408332048.